Thursday, February 19, 2009

My weird moment!

So Tuesday morning I woke up and felt like something was in my eye.. (what an irritating feeling!) Well all day long I tried and tried everything to get it out, I even got some good advice from a friend that if I pulled my upper eye lid over my lower eyelid and then blew my nose it would come out.. (well Julie that trick didn't work :) As I was looking in my eye to see if I could see anything I did notice a small brown something on my lower eyelid (it actually looked like a small pebble) and I thought to myself man I should really go get this checked out.. so after all day of flushing it out I went to bed (didn't sleep well cause it felt like I was sleeping with a small rock in my eye!) I woke up Wednesday was still there! It didn't seem as bad as the day before so I let it ride thinking whatever it was it would eventually fall out! Well later in the day I took the kids to the park and I don't know if it was the sunshine or the light breeze but man when I got home my eye once again was bothering me really I had decided that no matter what I was going to call the eye dr the next day (today Thursday) and get an appt..I had come to the conclusion that the little brown spot on my lid was what was bothering me..good thing I had made that decision cause when I go see the Dr. he says that doesn't look good, after ruling out it wasn't a cyst he starts to scrap it a bit with his tools (quite uncomfortably!) a few more mins of scraping my lid he pulls out a piece of plastic WHAT?? he said it looked like a piece of plastic got embedded in my lid and the skin was starting to grow over it.. one: that's weird and Two: I never knew that somehow a piece of plastic got in my eye the first time, (why was I barley even noticing some discomfort now?) and third: I am not dropping antibiotics and steroid drops in my eye 4 times a day to heal it up..I'm just glad it doesn't feel like I have a small pebble in my eye anymore!! Oh well I guess better me then one of my kids..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids say the darnest things..

So Kannon has been going thur a stage where all he mostly wants to eat is Mac N Cheese, so I have been trying new and different things to get him to eat, the other day it was Chef Boyardee Raviolis (which turns out he liked that!) but as I was feeding him Kolbee comes in and asks what he is eating so I tell her, which she replys "Yum is that the kind with Rich meaty sauce" (I was pretty sure I have heard that on a commerical somewhere...)sure enough she told me that's where she heard it!! I guess I should limit her TV time!! It was so cute though I had to laugh!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cracked tooth and a bloody lip

I know the title sounds pretty dramatic (made you read on right!!) But I guess with to little girls life sometimes is dramatic and I'm sure it will only get worse as time passes.. anyways starting with the cracked tooth..the girls got a trampoline for Christmas and have been enjoying it tremendously! Most of the time their neighbor friends come over and enjoy it with them, well yesterday they were all jumping when I hear Kolbee crying so I go out to see what's wrong with her and all I get out of it was Kolbee bite Avery, well what happened was they were jumping and I guess Kolbee fell and her teeth hit Averys head (which is why they thought she bit her!) so I tell them maybe it's time to take a rest which Kolbee immediately stops crying and they say it's ok...well I go inside and let them jump, well later that night Mike was brushing Kolbee teeth when she starts to complain about her front tooth..Mike looks closer and sees that one of her front teeth has a chip on it.. poor little thing, so I get to call the dentist tomorrow and see what we can do about it.. I just hope she doesn't have to get a silver tooth (no offense to people with silver teeth!) I mean she can't keep it cracked for another 3 or so years when it falls out.. so we'll see! Now about the bloody lip, if any of you know, really know Kenzee you'll know just how dramatic she can be, well last night I guess she bite her lip and immediately comes over to me and asks if it's bleeding, I decided to play well I"ll just say probley not the nicest joke on her by telling her very dramatically "oh my gosh Kenzee your bleeding all over, we better take you to the ER" she runs to the bathroom screaming (but the sad thing is by the time she gets there she really does have a bleeding lip!) So I go into the bathroom where she spitting her blood in the sink YELLING "Mom, you have to help me I could die.." I mean she is seriously freaking out to where Kolbee starts to freak out, "help her mom"..I'm dying laughing (yes another cruel thing, I just couldn't help it) I finally calm down and get her calmed down, when I think she realizes she overdid it just a about loosing teeth I am definitely not looking forward to her losing her teeth..gotta love little life never has a dull moment!