Monday, August 24, 2009

Where does the time go..

So its been awhile since I've last posted...I guess the longer I let it go...the longer I know I'll to write! So bear with me cause this might turn into a super long post! A little bit about what's been going on with us. Kenzee started First grade and is loving it so far (but it is only week 2) but she does good at school so I'm sure she's continue to like it! She's also started her first year of soccer and is loving it.. I have to admit I am liking it is so dang cute to see all those little girls out there chasing a ball! She had her first game this past Saturday and it was her turn to bring about 30 mins into the game it starts pouring rain... I then run to the car (I had to stay pretty cause I was going straight to a funeral after that :) so I kinda threw the snacks at Mike and tell him to run them over to the girls cause they just had blow the whistle and I thought they stopped the game because of the rain..he runs over to the field (still pouring) and tells the coach he has the snacks...she looks at him and's only half time! So my poor baby played the last half of her first soccer game in the rain and I made her daddy stand right there on the sidelines to continue to cheer her on.. it only poured for about 15 mins so it wasn't so bad..but the mud was a mess (my van still needs cleaning!) Both girls have started back to dance, Kolbee insist that she won't quit this year and that's she's going to love it! One week down and so far she hasn't giving my any problems about wanting to quit. Kolbee also started her second year of preschool..this year she is going to Susan Norton and is loving every min of it and enjoying all her new friends, the only problem there is..she wants to go everyday! Every since we got back from Vegas Kannon has been giving me potty problems..he is still doing really well, just having way to many accidents! (I guess he still making me pay for the Vegas trip!) so our days are still feeled with the stresses of potty training! Our puppy Bella is still a little mess, if she wasn't so dang cute! Other then that we are doing good and hanging in there! Here's a few pic from Kenzee/Kolbee first days of school and some soccer picture and just a pic of Kannon cause he's to cute :)

Kannon posing before Church

Kenzee right before school time

Kenzee at her desk on the first day! Kolbee before School!

Kolbee at her desk on the first day!

Running after the ball!

Where did the ball go (jk it was break time)