Thursday, February 18, 2010


Disneyland here we come...we made our trip reservations Sunday to the magical kingdom...we've been on Thanksgiving (the park was decorated like Christmas!!) we've been on Halloween..(super fun) and this year we'll be there on Easter...we're super excited!!! This will be Kannon first time and I think he's the most excited..we'll see once we get there!!! YAY!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So sweet!

So we have this habit/game at our house that Mike and I always tease each other with kannon..meaning I'll go over to Kannon in front of Mike and ask him "who's baby are you...your mommy's baby huh?" and eventually Mike will go over and ask him the same thing (of course he changes it to Daddy!!) and most of the time he's a mommy's baby..but anyways lately Kannon has grown attacted to a stuff elephant that he just loves..he has to sleep with him, take him everywhere and down right loves the thing...well the other day I walked past his room as he was playing and I heard him say to the elephant... "Are you daddy's baby...ah Daddy loves you baby!!" It was so dang cute!!! He is so sweet and I could not even imgaine my life without his sweetness!!!!