Monday, August 24, 2009

Where does the time go..

So its been awhile since I've last posted...I guess the longer I let it go...the longer I know I'll to write! So bear with me cause this might turn into a super long post! A little bit about what's been going on with us. Kenzee started First grade and is loving it so far (but it is only week 2) but she does good at school so I'm sure she's continue to like it! She's also started her first year of soccer and is loving it.. I have to admit I am liking it is so dang cute to see all those little girls out there chasing a ball! She had her first game this past Saturday and it was her turn to bring about 30 mins into the game it starts pouring rain... I then run to the car (I had to stay pretty cause I was going straight to a funeral after that :) so I kinda threw the snacks at Mike and tell him to run them over to the girls cause they just had blow the whistle and I thought they stopped the game because of the rain..he runs over to the field (still pouring) and tells the coach he has the snacks...she looks at him and's only half time! So my poor baby played the last half of her first soccer game in the rain and I made her daddy stand right there on the sidelines to continue to cheer her on.. it only poured for about 15 mins so it wasn't so bad..but the mud was a mess (my van still needs cleaning!) Both girls have started back to dance, Kolbee insist that she won't quit this year and that's she's going to love it! One week down and so far she hasn't giving my any problems about wanting to quit. Kolbee also started her second year of preschool..this year she is going to Susan Norton and is loving every min of it and enjoying all her new friends, the only problem there is..she wants to go everyday! Every since we got back from Vegas Kannon has been giving me potty problems..he is still doing really well, just having way to many accidents! (I guess he still making me pay for the Vegas trip!) so our days are still feeled with the stresses of potty training! Our puppy Bella is still a little mess, if she wasn't so dang cute! Other then that we are doing good and hanging in there! Here's a few pic from Kenzee/Kolbee first days of school and some soccer picture and just a pic of Kannon cause he's to cute :)

Kannon posing before Church

Kenzee right before school time

Kenzee at her desk on the first day! Kolbee before School!

Kolbee at her desk on the first day!

Running after the ball!

Where did the ball go (jk it was break time)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 8th Anniversary!

We had a great time in Vegas, although we didn't win any money (and yes we tried real hard) hard enough that I could have actually bought a really cute coach purse which I would love to have with the money we actually lost..but moving on! It was a fun time just to hang out with each other and have some quality time together! The weather was super hot, but I guess we should be use to that by now right?!! My parents stayed with the kids and they said they were super good while we were gone! (I can hardly believe that!) It's always fun to go off and have a fun time (although this was really the first time Mike and I have left our kids longer then a day in 6 years!) we made a pack that every year we would try to have a little getaway like this at least once a year! But man I sure paid for being gone, yesterday was a tough day.. I don't know if Kannon was mad at us for leaving him, or if he was just really that good for my parents he needed to be bad for a day, I was tired from the trip so I was definitely off my game and he took totally advantage of it... starting with finding my make-up and totally getting mascara EVERYWHERE... guess it could have been worse...(think lipstick!) so after that mishap he definitely needed a bath..afterwards he somehow manages to dump half the bottle of lotion all over the carpet (pretty much in the same spot I had scrubbed the crap out of it cuz of the mascara..) then an hour or so later I had made the kids some popcorn..I'm yelling at Kannon if he wants to come and get some (who is quietly playing in his room) he keeps yelling yes..after a few times of him just yelling yes I am wondering why he isn't coming yet.. which I then go into his room to see why...he had climbed on his dresser and was peeling off the border on his wall...ok enough was needless to say he didn't get any popcorn but instead got a nap! So thinking we would start fresh after his nap, he had other thoughts managed to get into a full bottle of desitin and learned how to unlock the front door thus escaping outside every few mins... so even though we had a great fun time.. I wondered many times yesterday if it was worth it :) gotta love that little boy! Anyways here's some pics of our trip, except for the wedding picture of Mike and I, that of course was 8 years ago..before bills, stress, kids, stress... lol

Ahhh starting our new life together!

Mike being crazy with the m&m...she was hot! lol

Mike and I entering the castle (Excalibur!)

So happy after 8 years..

Sunday, July 12, 2009


So Mike and I will be celebrating our 8Th anniversary on Tuesday (July 14Th) usually we don't do to much the normal dinner movie date night! Well since it's on a Tuesday this year we talked about going and celebrating the weekend before (which is this weekend!) Well we got busy and all of us weren't feeling to well with stuffy noses etc we ended up not doing Saturday night we were laying in bed and Mike says "I'm sorry we didn't get to do anything this weekend for our anniversary" which I replied it really wasn't a big deal after all it's just 8 years!! Then he says.."well I have something planned and I wasn't going to tell you, but I think you might get mad if I don't" well by then my curiosity was running high and I say what...he says "well I planned a trip to Las Vegas and we're flying out on Tuesday for two nights, and your parents are watching the kids.." I laughed, that's so funny..I was reading so I just go back to my book! He say no really... I say babe come on whatever..he gets up goes out to his truck and shows me an in ternary for our trip...WHAT I was totally shocked...he says he was going to wait until Tuesday morning and when I asked him why he wasn't going to work, he was going to tell me I had one hour to pack we're heading to Vegas,... well every since the shock wore off I am have been stressing on what to wear etc etc..I am so glad that he decided to tell me two days in advance rather then one hour, I don't know if I could have handled that! So the day after tomorrow we'll be flying off to Vegas, I was a little shocked at first but now that I'm getting over it, I'm pretty excited it's been a while since we've been to be looking for pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things that's been happening..

So the summer has been full of fun, I seem to be busier now then I was during the school year, busing the kids to swim lessons, dance lesson, gym lessons, coach pitch games, etc...but it has been good to keep the girls busy! Life also tends to be sad sometimes grandma Douglas passed away Thursday (July 2nd) I am very thankful to be blessed to know that she is no longer in pain and is enjoying her life with her two little boys that she lost at such young ages to such terrible accidents, she is enjoying the love of my sweet Grandpa not to mention a lot of other family members that are celebrating with her in heaven..she was an awesome grandma and I will miss her dearly and I am happy to know she is happy again! Also my nephew Braun checked himself into the MTC(missionary training center, for Mormon missionaries) just today...I said my goodbyes to him on Monday and boy do I already miss him! I for one am so grateful for the Mormon missionaries (my husband is a convert!) I know Braun is going to make a awesome missionary and will change the lives of many out in Florida! Lastly a little story: yesterday Kolbee comes running in the house after playing out in the yard for a little bit and says "mom there's a snake out in the yard" so I go outside to look and sure enough curled up on the side of my house was what I thought was 99% a rattlesnake..I grab Kolbee and my dog and run into my house to call Mike.. he was to far out of town for work to come home and kill it so he called his little brother Casey who came over and killed it..sure enough it was a I feel like I've lost a little freedom, I usually let the kids go outside to play without a bit of I make sure I go to check the yard out before they can play (if I know Kannon he would try to play/touch one of those things) but even after checking I am still worried the whole time they are out there playing..dang snakes..! I am grateful that Kolbee noticed and came and told me before someone or my puppy got hurt ( who I might add never even barked at the thing!) anyways I hope I don't turn out like my friend Jennifer who has found a crazy number of rattlesnakes in her yard...3 in one day is to many for me!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A long six years...

So for 6 and some years now I have consistently changed my kids diapers...when I had Kolbee I double diapered her and Kenzee for a few months and the same thing with when Kannon was born...well my time is finely closing in on a end to that! I had been putting off and putting off getting serious about potty training with Kannon, but when the kid constantly takes his diaper off and can tell you that he went to the bathroom or my very least favorite, would actually play in the poop when he know it time to get serious! So for the last 2 weeks we have been getting serious and he has made me so proud..he is pretty much going to the potty every time.. of course he has had some accidents along the way..but for the most part he is doing awesome... this morning he actually woke up dry and also this afternoon he woke up from his nap dry.. he refuses to wear a diaper (even though I pretty much still make him for the most part) but even after all the excitement.. it a bitter sweet feeling cause that means my baby boy isn't going to be a baby much longer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bumpit Fun!

So the other day at Walmart I couldn't resist myself and bought the oh so popular "Bumpits" Now for some of you who don't know what Bumpits are, they are clips that you stick in your hair that is literally a bump and it forms body in the crown of your head! Although I really didn't like the feel or the look of them in my head, the girls absolutely love them! I just had to take a picture of my cute little Bumpit girls..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caught in the act!

As if my life wasn't hetic enough.. it just got worse! :) So while we were on vacation the girls slept in the same bed and we just put Kannon in bed with us.. bad idea.. he no longer wants to sleep in his crib and this is what I caught him doing the other night.. yep he has figured out how to climb out! Of course both the girls did this, Kenzee still has sleeping issues, Kolbee adjusted to a big girl bed right away! So last night instead of fighting with him I just put him in Kolbee bed (the girls have been sleeping together in Kenzee bed, good for me cause I don't have to!) Well of course he wouldn't stay put and constantly got out of bed... oh so the fun begins on training him to stay in his bed at night all night long, by himself! Wish me I am going to take his crib apart and make it a toddler bed, I know he'll get out all night but at least I won't have to worry about him getting hurt while trying to climb out at night.. the wierd thing is at nap time he still just lays down in his crib and falls right to sleep! I know that they can't sleep in cribs the rest of thier lives.. dang it, but I really wasn't ready for the fight of getting him to sleep in his own bed, so if anyone has any suggestions on how they made the transition from crib to bed easier on themselves and the kids I am open to any ideas...:)

PS on a side note, our Vacation was a blast I am going to try and put up an album with pictures pretty soon!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The not so lazy last days of school!

Wow, so these last few weeks have been crazy busy, and has went by so fast! Where do I begin!! Kenzee had her spring dance recital, which is always a treat for everyone that comes and watches..she has improved so much since her last recital in December and tells me she wants to be in dance for the rest of her life! So I guess she is still liking it! Then both the girls started their base ball practice, Kenzee is in coach pitch, while Kolbee started her first year of tee-ball! Once again Kenzee is super excited about every practice and seems to be catching on, Kolbee on the other hand isn't to sure she likes playing!! Her first day she went and was doing good, when all of a sudden her coach put the hitting helmet on and for some reason she freaked out and didn't want nothing more to do with it! So I convinced her to try again, which that practice she totally loved and had a super time (of course the coach who put the helmet on, Dave Lofgreen) wasn't we went back a third time, which Dave was there and she wanted nothing to do with I really don't know what to do with the kid, I think she is afraid of Dave (sorry Dave!!) So we'll see how she does at the 4th practice if we even make it! The kids have been enjoying the hotter weather and staying outside playing on the slip and slide as much as they can! Kenzee had her last day of Kindergarten yesterday! I cannot believe how fast this year how went for us..I am so proud of her and everything that she has learned her first year of school..But until she starts her first grade we are looking forward to a fun and busy summer..started with a trip to California which we are leaving for tomorrow morning, we're heading to Sea World, legoland and splurged a little with a hotel on the beach! So we're pretty excited for that, then when we get home, swim lessons, summer dance and the rest of Coach pitch continues..hopefully next time I blog I won't wait so long, so that it isn't such a long post!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Kolbee

So yesterday (May 9th!) was Kolbee 4th birthday and boy did we party!! We had sooo much fun, it started with a combined party at the park with her cousin Drivor who turns one today, (happy birthday Drivor!!) She had most of all her little friends come to the party (we missed you Avery, hope your feeling better today!) which turned out awesome with the jumping castle..they had lots of fun! After the party we went and ate/partied at Mcdonald..then we headed home when I totally thought everyone would pass out from the fun..wrong we got home and checked out all her loot! Played with a little bit and then got ready to go to her other cousin Kaden baptizism, yes Kolbee is honored to be able to share her birthdays with not just Kaden, but his sister Kamri too! (Happy birthday guys!) The baptizism was awesome and sweet..then we headed back to the park for a bbq in honor of Kaden and Kamri.. super fun! We came home played with more toys and then went to bed.. I'm pretty sure it was a great day for my sweet birthday girl.. on a side note just a little funny story.. when we woke up this morning and I was fixing her hair she looked up at me with all seriousness and said since she was now 4 she was going to start being good! I just laughed and said, so your telling me that your done with the whole terrible 3 thing..she is such a character that I love so much and could never imgaine my life without her! Happy Birthday Kolbee I love you so much!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

She's here!

I'm a little bit behind on my posting..but we got our little puppy Bella on Saturday.. she came a little earlier then we thought, but we have absolutely falling in love with her! The first few days it was an adjustment for the puppy and us..I think she was depressed the first few day trying to get use to life without her mommy..not to mention she came from Florida so she has had to adjust to different time zones along with different weather to! But she is starting to show her personality and is super cute! Kenzee likes her well enough, Kolbee LOVES her and Kannon I think just kinda puts up with her! Beings she is just a puppy she kinda bites/nips at Kannon and he is always telling everyone that she bites.. so cute! Here is a few pics of our new little cutie!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

(Drum roll) Kannon going to finally be a big brother!

I know what you were all thinking..nope we're not pregnant.. but we are expanding the family! We are getting a puppy! She is due to join our family May 7th! We have named her Bella (I wanted Baya but was out voted!) we've seen pictures of her and as soon as we get her I will post some pics! Everyone is so excited to meet her, even Kenzee who is afraid of dogs..I am hoping once Bella gets here and doesn't go anywhere Kenzee will get over her freight of dogs..(we'll see) So instead of giving them a new sibling, we're going to go the pet route..oh and we adopted some fish from our friends who were getting ready to take them back to walmart! We absolutely love them, there names are goldie and diamond.. Kannon could set all day long and watch them if I let him! I do have a pic of them! Anyways I will be updating soon on our puppy! Wish us all luck adjusting to the new little one (Puppy that is!) that will be at our house soon!! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday Kannon

So today is my baby boy 2nd birthday! I can hardly believe that he is 2 already, it literally seems like yesterday I was in the hospital having him! But now after two years I couldn't imgaine my life without him! He is such a sweet little man.. so different then the girls.. he loves snuggling up to me and at the same time wrestling around with his daddy. He defentiley loves being outside at any chance he gets and loves riding 4 wheelers, we got him a little power wheels 4 wheeler for his big day and he hardly gets off it, it's to cute! We love this little boy so much and we are so happy that he is part of our lives..Happy Birthday baby!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We got grass!

So on Friday my husband, his brother and dad all worked hard to get our grass in.. they did a good job and it didn't take them to long! The bad part of it was they did our whole area, then went to my brother in laws house and did about the same amount of lawn..what a day for them! Then after a night's sleep they went to my father in laws house and did his lawn...but we're all glad that it's done now we just get to wait till the sod all comes together and we have a beautiful green yard! Here are some pictures of the before and after!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

How sad is this...

This is how my son looked yesterday..I pretty much cried most of the day cause he looked so sad and there was nothing I could do for him! Here's the started Wednesday late morning, I saw what looked like an ant bite on his cheek no big deal, he probley scratched it with a toy or something, well later on in the day I was rushing to get Kenzee to dance and I went to change his diaper all around where the diaper rubs, it was totally red and had little welts on it.. I immediately thought heat rash..and then left to dance, by the time I got home around 5, it was all over his back, belly and a little bit on his arms..Mike and I then went into what do we do mode! So a few hours later (yes we stayed in that mode for a couple of hours) we finally took him to urgent care where they ask if he ate anything weird things that might have lead to an allergic reaction, which I didn't think of they said it was probley a viral infection from him being sick a week ago, they said it would lay dormant in his body for a while then come out as a rash..gave me a prescription for steroids and we left.. well by Thursday morning, his feet were so swollen he wouldn't walk his face had started to swell (and I didn't even give him the steroids) and the welts were ALL over, he had started puking and pooping by then and was trying to scratch at them so they obviously itched.. so off to his primary doctor we went! They basically said the same thing (I guess having two opionions made me believe it wasn't something worse) but they talked to me more about it being an allergy..they only thing new or different in our life is the swing set and all the sand that comes along..great what if he is allergic to something in the sand.. his doctor thought it was highly unlikely since he had been playing in it since Saturday, that would be a long time for it to actually show up (I hope they are right) So today he woke up and besides his eyes still being a little swollen he looks perfectly normal! They told me to keep him out of the sand until it is gone, then we'll go from there! But I'm just glad he is feeling better cause there is nothing worse then your kid being in pain and discomfort and there being absolutely nothing you can do for them!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Weekend!

So this was a busy weekend, I guess mostly for Mike! With four Men and TWO full days they got the kids playhouse all put together!! Needless to say from the pictures you can tell they absolutely LOVE it... Next we got the crubbing done, now all we need is to wait for the grass, it has been two yellow for them to cut it, but it is suppose to come in next I'll post some more pictures of the grass when we get it all our backyard is coming along the way we want but not quite done yet!! At least the kids will be entertained until then!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't tell Mike but...

Kannon loves putting on Kolbee church shoes and taps away on the's so cute and at least he's color coordinated right!! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Disneyworld here we come!!

So since my sister hasn't yet posted about this I will! My Nephew Braun got called to the Orlando Florida Mission!! He reports to the MTC July 8th! It was a fun day when he opened his call, we all got together as a family, had a great dinner of my moms home made Bean burros..(Yummy) and waited patiently for him to open his call (he opened it on Sunday the 5th, but it had come in the mail on the Friday before.. talk about a long weekend for Shari!) So finally he opened it and we all cheered when he said Orlando Florida! (Doug also went to Florida!) Some of us were relieved he was staying in the states! Well after all the fun ended we then began our planning! When Brodee went on his mission some of us went on a drive to Utah to drop him off at the MTC (super fun time!) and then Shari, Al, Cal, Braun and my mom went to Washington to pick him up! Well this time we are hoping that most of the family can start saving now and make it a vacation and all go to Florida to pick him up! What's funny is Mike and I had already talked about going that year cause our kids will be good ages.. So this just gives us more incentive to go! Most of all we are super proud of Braun and the great example he is to us and I know that he will be the best little missionary in Florida for 2 years! We love you bud and hopefully we'll be in Orlando when your ready to come home!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Landscaping is hard work!

For Mike that is!! So we have decided that the weather is perfect to start the fun of landscaping (I guess for some people it would be fun!) for us we just wished it was done already!! When we lived in Phoenix we paid someone to landscape our backyard, although it turned out wonderful it was pretty this time we decided that we/Mike with the help of his brothers and dad would do the landscaping themselves! So far Mike has figured out how he wants to do it, finished the sprinkler system and is getting the curbing ready to be done next week before our sod comes in April 10th! The girls will be so excited to finally get the grass so they can actually play on something other then in the dirt!! Here are some pictures of the sprinkler system before they were finished!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenzee!

So my baby girl Kenzee turned 6 today! It really just seems like yesterday that she was born..( I know that sounds so clinche!) but it true. Kenzee was a good girl from the start she was a easy baby and hardly ever fussed, and has grown into such a wonderful little girl that we enjoy so much! It's so exciting to see the new things she is learning this first year in school and hearing about all the new friends she has made. We had a birthday party for her Saturday at the park (and it turned out to be such a nice day for the weather, thank goodness) it was so much fun and she really enjoyed it, then last night we had a party with my family at our house which means more partying for her so it was alot of fun, and then lastly tonight we are taking her out to El Charro with Mike family to celebrate her actual bday! It's been a crazy but fun weekend and Mike and I were just happy to see her happy! I put some of her bday pictures in an album below if anyone wants to check them out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A box of nerds and Scooby-Doo!

So I figured out yesterday that a little box of nerds and Scooby-doo will occupy Kolbee for at least 30 mins! I usually don't let her watch Scooby-doo even though it's one of my favorite cartoons, but every time my girls watch it they have nightmares (I guess it could be scary for small minds :) But I was desperate yesterday and needed a break.. she ate the nerds one by one (there were a lot of nerds in that little box!) The reason I wanted her occupied was yes ladies I'm about to say this, but I had yet watched Twilight!! I had borrowed it from my sis in law a few days back and wanted so much to watch it while the babies were down for their naps! I guess I'm not as big as fan as I thought I was..but the thing was, I think I was afraid that the movie was going to ruin it for me, to be honest I really don't think Robert Patterson is the best Edward.. and after the movie got all done I really don't like how Kristen Stewart (Bella) is with the fans, press, etc; she seems to be a snot in real life! Anyways I watched it and wasn't disappointed at all, Kristen did a good Bella and Robert grew on me (still wished it was someone cuter!) I actually ended up watching it twice yesterday, I had told Mike I watched it and he said he had wanted to watch it to.. so we watched it again last night.. I warned him that it was low budget and there could be a few scenes that he might think were "cheesy" so for him not to give me a hard time about liking it! When it was all done I asked him what he thought and surprisingly he said he liked it.. (he likes vampire movies) so I had him agree that he would start reading the books, cause they have so much more detail then the movie! I'm sure he'll love them, and I am just disappointed it took me this long to see the movie!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The days of the missing deodorant!

So anything that my sweet baby boy can get his hands on usually goes away for a few days or even never returns (for example; I have been looking for a sippy cup for a couple of weeks now, hopefully it has water and not milk in it if I should ever find it!) Did I mention he is obsessed with the trash I usually keep it up out of his reach but if it isn't, he loves to find things to put in it! So Sunday during my hectic time of getting ready for our 9 am church, I go in my bathroom cabinet to put my deodorant's not where it usually is, so of course I ask both the girls plus Mike if they had seen my missing deodorant, I wasn't at all surprised by there replies of "No".. I then look at my dear sweet baby (already knowing he took it) and asked him if he has seen it, he shakes his head "yes" I tell him to show me where it is..on our very random search I give up and use a "back-up" one, after all I didn't want to be late for church! So the next morning when I go for my deodorant and remember it isn't there I once again ask Kannon to go get it for me..he leaves to never this morning I'm in the bathroom fixing Kolbee hair for preschool and Kannon walks in with my deodorant and cheerfully says "here"... of course when I ask him where he got it, he doesn't reply to me! But hey I can't complain I got my deodorant back, with all intent to keep in up higher in the cabinet, but man I sure wish I knew where his hiding place was, I wonder at all the "treasures" I would find :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kenzee big day

So my little Kenzee has learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels..She has been asking for some time now to do it, but as parents Mike and I just wasn't ready! So finally yesterday Mike had some time off from work and decided to work with the training wheels went. Mike and I looked at each other as the training began and Mike said something like "man this is going to take her some time!" boy was he ever WRONG! After just one trip down the road with Mike holding on to her she was off on her own and was doing a very good job! She rode around for about 15-20 mins before she had her first wreck.! After that she was done for the day :) Although she needs practice starting and stopping she is pretty good at actually riding it, we were so proud of her and can't believe how *big she is getting..*-see below

*On a side note: Kenzee 6th Birthday is the 30th of this month, last year we had her party at McDonald which was super fun, we decided to do it there again this year. Well I went to McDonald's to reserve her party and they told me that they didn't do parties anymore..bummer.. so now we are thinking about having a jumping castle at the park, but I have no idea who or where to rent those jumping castle from. So if anyone has any suggestions, or knows of anyone that rents them out, please let me know! Thanks

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

My own real life beautiful Sleeping Beauty!! (I really don't know why her dress is half on and half off, I think she feel asleep trying to get it off!) I can't believe how innocent she looks when she's asleep! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My weird moment!

So Tuesday morning I woke up and felt like something was in my eye.. (what an irritating feeling!) Well all day long I tried and tried everything to get it out, I even got some good advice from a friend that if I pulled my upper eye lid over my lower eyelid and then blew my nose it would come out.. (well Julie that trick didn't work :) As I was looking in my eye to see if I could see anything I did notice a small brown something on my lower eyelid (it actually looked like a small pebble) and I thought to myself man I should really go get this checked out.. so after all day of flushing it out I went to bed (didn't sleep well cause it felt like I was sleeping with a small rock in my eye!) I woke up Wednesday was still there! It didn't seem as bad as the day before so I let it ride thinking whatever it was it would eventually fall out! Well later in the day I took the kids to the park and I don't know if it was the sunshine or the light breeze but man when I got home my eye once again was bothering me really I had decided that no matter what I was going to call the eye dr the next day (today Thursday) and get an appt..I had come to the conclusion that the little brown spot on my lid was what was bothering me..good thing I had made that decision cause when I go see the Dr. he says that doesn't look good, after ruling out it wasn't a cyst he starts to scrap it a bit with his tools (quite uncomfortably!) a few more mins of scraping my lid he pulls out a piece of plastic WHAT?? he said it looked like a piece of plastic got embedded in my lid and the skin was starting to grow over it.. one: that's weird and Two: I never knew that somehow a piece of plastic got in my eye the first time, (why was I barley even noticing some discomfort now?) and third: I am not dropping antibiotics and steroid drops in my eye 4 times a day to heal it up..I'm just glad it doesn't feel like I have a small pebble in my eye anymore!! Oh well I guess better me then one of my kids..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids say the darnest things..

So Kannon has been going thur a stage where all he mostly wants to eat is Mac N Cheese, so I have been trying new and different things to get him to eat, the other day it was Chef Boyardee Raviolis (which turns out he liked that!) but as I was feeding him Kolbee comes in and asks what he is eating so I tell her, which she replys "Yum is that the kind with Rich meaty sauce" (I was pretty sure I have heard that on a commerical somewhere...)sure enough she told me that's where she heard it!! I guess I should limit her TV time!! It was so cute though I had to laugh!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cracked tooth and a bloody lip

I know the title sounds pretty dramatic (made you read on right!!) But I guess with to little girls life sometimes is dramatic and I'm sure it will only get worse as time passes.. anyways starting with the cracked tooth..the girls got a trampoline for Christmas and have been enjoying it tremendously! Most of the time their neighbor friends come over and enjoy it with them, well yesterday they were all jumping when I hear Kolbee crying so I go out to see what's wrong with her and all I get out of it was Kolbee bite Avery, well what happened was they were jumping and I guess Kolbee fell and her teeth hit Averys head (which is why they thought she bit her!) so I tell them maybe it's time to take a rest which Kolbee immediately stops crying and they say it's ok...well I go inside and let them jump, well later that night Mike was brushing Kolbee teeth when she starts to complain about her front tooth..Mike looks closer and sees that one of her front teeth has a chip on it.. poor little thing, so I get to call the dentist tomorrow and see what we can do about it.. I just hope she doesn't have to get a silver tooth (no offense to people with silver teeth!) I mean she can't keep it cracked for another 3 or so years when it falls out.. so we'll see! Now about the bloody lip, if any of you know, really know Kenzee you'll know just how dramatic she can be, well last night I guess she bite her lip and immediately comes over to me and asks if it's bleeding, I decided to play well I"ll just say probley not the nicest joke on her by telling her very dramatically "oh my gosh Kenzee your bleeding all over, we better take you to the ER" she runs to the bathroom screaming (but the sad thing is by the time she gets there she really does have a bleeding lip!) So I go into the bathroom where she spitting her blood in the sink YELLING "Mom, you have to help me I could die.." I mean she is seriously freaking out to where Kolbee starts to freak out, "help her mom"..I'm dying laughing (yes another cruel thing, I just couldn't help it) I finally calm down and get her calmed down, when I think she realizes she overdid it just a about loosing teeth I am definitely not looking forward to her losing her teeth..gotta love little life never has a dull moment!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Broken Egg!?!

So last night we decided to make a Sunday night treat which turned out to be brownies.. Well when we decided the girls were outside playing with their friend Andie which of course they told Andie all about the brownies, they then come running in asking if they could share their brownies with Andie, "of course" I say "when they are done we'll take some over" (by then it was getting dark and time for them to come inside!) So I start making the brownies and realize I was short one egg, in the mist of cooking supper, making brownies and trying to please a ticked off Kannon I decided to let Kenzee walk over to Andie house to see if we could borrow the one egg I needed.. Of course Kenzee was so excited to perform this task and in her excitement she asks Kolbee to come along! So they leave, Mike looks at me and says "how much do you want to bet she doesn't come home with the egg", I then say with all faith in Kenzee "I'll bet you a back rub she does come with the egg"! After about 3 Min's of Kenzee being gone I'm thinking she's going to drop the egg! So she finally comes in with the egg and is so excited she didn't drop it! I then look at Mike and say "see, you owe me a back rub!" So I continue to make the brownies when all of a sudden Kolbee says "Mommy Kenzee dropped the egg" I reply "no baby she got it and now I'm making the brownies with it" "No mom, there were TWO eggs and she dropped one" I turned to Kenzee which she says "Kolbee hit me with her bike and I dropped the egg, it was an accident, but I still had one!" By then Mike is back in the room and we just smile at each other and call the bet even! So after making the brownies we walk over to Andie house (and sure enough there was a broken egg on the sidewalk) give them the brownies and I was thanking Lucas (Andie dad) for the TWO eggs, I kinda told him the story which he starts to laugh and says yeah when she came over Erica (Andie mom) decided to give Kenzee two eggs just in case! Well it worked! I love Kenzee excitement at the littlest things I mean after all she did make it home with the egg, and it's great that we have awesome neighbors that know enough to give two eggs!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The long awaited Christmas gift!

Well things have calmed down with all the sicknesses around our house (for now anyways!) I never did get Strep Throat, but did end up with a Sinus infection (I think I would have rather gotten the Strep!) I took Kannon back to the Dr. to check his oxygen levels and they were all back to normal so it just must have been from the sickness! So a couple of post back I wrote about the TV/DVD I got Kenzee for Christmas thru the Disney reward points program.. well what I didn't mention was on Christmas day she was so excited to get it, so we went to hook it up and it wouldn't turn on.. how disappointing for her.. so Mike and I explained that we would contact Santa and ask him to get her a new one! So I contacted Disney and they were very nice and after a few weeks we got her replacement TV! (of course I had to ship the old one back) but we got the new one and hooked it and it works great! Kenzee has been so excited about it! Even though this happened to us, the rewards program is still a hit around here!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Strep Throat anyone??

So Friday evening Kenzee started to run a temp and was coughing like crazy, I though great she's getting sick..Saturday morning Kolbee started to run a temp and she too started to cough like crazy.. Well by Sunday they were both running 102-103 temps as soon as the Mortin would get out of their system..I thought about the ER but it would have been expensive, so I called the Urgent care in town and they were closed on Sunday, so I just decieded that they would have to wait it out for another night and I would take them to see the dr on Monday, by then Kannon to started to cough, but thank goodness didn't have any temp, YET.. So on Monday after a 3 hour doctor visit, Kenzee, Kolbee and Mike were postive for Strep Throat, they didn't test Kannon but since he did by then have a fever and his throat was looking somewhat red they just decieded to treat him for it to! I was the only lucky one (so far) to not have it! All the kids also had high pulse rates (from the coughing) and were all low on Oxegen levels.. great, last time this happened it was just Kannon and he ended up in the hospital for 3 days, needless to say at that time my aniexty level was extremely high! After all of them having breathing treatments the girls levels came up (somewhat) but Kannon actually went down lower. They let me take them all home with antobotics and having to give all of them the breathing treatments every 4-6 hours, Kannon is supposed to go back later this week so they can check his levels again and if they are still low were going to talk about him being referred to a Lung specialist.. (because of the fact that his levels everytime it has been checked are low, so they just want to make sure his lungs are working like they should be). After a crazy morning of giving the treatments, trying to make sure Kenzee keeps her medicine down (She gages on everything and usually more then likely throws it up from the gaging) I am most defentiley ready for a nap!..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kolbee is a Sunbeam!

Today at Church Kolbee had her first class as a "Sunbeam", we had been talking about it all week and she was so excited to be able to go into Primary especially since Kenzee was in Primary.. Today was also the day we started our new time at 9am (so last night we went to bed pretty early!) Well during church she wasn't having a very good time and I wondered if she has gotten enough sleep.. church got over and she was still excited to go and meet her new teacher! Once we got into the room she started to cry saying she didn't want to be a sunbeam (which really isn't like her) so we went and got introduced to her new teachers (she still was crying) I told her that I would sit with her for a while, she started to feel a little better, I showed her where Kenzee was sitting (two chairs behind her) Primary started with a song (she loves to sing) and she started to loosen up a little by then! A few mins later she looks at me and says it's ok for me to leave she's ready to be a Sunbeam! I left and later when I went and got her she said she had the best time at her new class! Thank goodness, hopefully she'll remember that next week!