Thursday, February 18, 2010


Disneyland here we come...we made our trip reservations Sunday to the magical kingdom...we've been on Thanksgiving (the park was decorated like Christmas!!) we've been on Halloween..(super fun) and this year we'll be there on Easter...we're super excited!!! This will be Kannon first time and I think he's the most excited..we'll see once we get there!!! YAY!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So sweet!

So we have this habit/game at our house that Mike and I always tease each other with kannon..meaning I'll go over to Kannon in front of Mike and ask him "who's baby are you...your mommy's baby huh?" and eventually Mike will go over and ask him the same thing (of course he changes it to Daddy!!) and most of the time he's a mommy's baby..but anyways lately Kannon has grown attacted to a stuff elephant that he just loves..he has to sleep with him, take him everywhere and down right loves the thing...well the other day I walked past his room as he was playing and I heard him say to the elephant... "Are you daddy's baby...ah Daddy loves you baby!!" It was so dang cute!!! He is so sweet and I could not even imgaine my life without his sweetness!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just one of those days!!

So you ever have one of those days where you go to look for fingernail polish remover and realize you don't have any so you have to deal with your ugly chipped black fingernail polish? Have you ever baked cookies and every batch comes out doughy and you can't figure out why, till you realize you didn't turn the oven up high enough? Have you ever promised your daughter since she's been so sick you'd take her to Mcdonalds just to get a chipmunk toy in her happy meal and you get there order and they say they just now gave away their LAST chipmunk toy! Went to Walmart lost your list down some random aisle...and last but probley my favorite!! Have you went out in the parking lot at Walmart and tryed so hard to get into your car only to's not your car at all, yours is in the next row over!! HAHA Well that was my day yesterday...hopefully today will be better!! ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

48 years later!

Today is my parents 48Th Anniversary, to me that is a long time! Just downloading this picture I thought wow look how old this looks but then again it is 48 years old! My mom looks so beautiful on this day and my dad is just absolutely handsome...the way they still are today even after 48 years...I am so thankful for such WONDERFUL parents they have taught me so much and are the BEST parents anyone could ask for..I am thankful for the example they have been to me and my family and I just hope that someday I can look back on my 48Th wedding anniversary and think wow, that picture looks so old! I love you mom and dad, thanks for being such great parents I could have never asked for anyone better!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Ok so obvious I haven't been to great at posting..and although my New years goal is to cut back on my soda habit, I'm also hoping I can keep my blog up better to!! So not even knowing where or what we've been up two since the last post I'll just do my best to update everyone...The kids along with my Bella have been as always keeping me busy, Kenzee had a great finish to her soccer season and we all enjoyed watching her weekly games. She was recently diagnosed with Asthma which is no surprise for Mike or I! But at least we're more aware of how to treat it now! They both recently had their latest dance recital and as usual they did an awesome job! I still continue to have issues with Kolbee crying she wants to quit dance oh every other week or I had come to the conclusion I wasn't going to put her back in starting in January..but after the recital she had so much fun she promises to never complain again if I put her back in...the funny thing is she really enjoys her time there EVERY time whether she complains or not..she's a funny one. Kannon is growing like a weed and with him being potty trained I feel like I have no baby, which for me has been weird cause I've always had a baby...but life is so great with the kids and gets so much easier everyday! I'm still watching my niece Roxi poo and she's the best little thing.. although her and Kannon have a brother/sister relationship, which means one day they like each other and fight like crazy the next! Mike and I recently got called as primary teachers (Valiant 9) and although I wasn't sure how I felt about it in the beginning, we are both really enjoying it now. We all had a great Christmas and one again our kiddos probley got way to much! As we start this new year I could go into all my many goals that I probley won't even accomplish, but really all I want is for my family and friends to have a happy and mostly healthy New year! Here's to hoping I keep my blog up better this year ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where does the time go..

So its been awhile since I've last posted...I guess the longer I let it go...the longer I know I'll to write! So bear with me cause this might turn into a super long post! A little bit about what's been going on with us. Kenzee started First grade and is loving it so far (but it is only week 2) but she does good at school so I'm sure she's continue to like it! She's also started her first year of soccer and is loving it.. I have to admit I am liking it is so dang cute to see all those little girls out there chasing a ball! She had her first game this past Saturday and it was her turn to bring about 30 mins into the game it starts pouring rain... I then run to the car (I had to stay pretty cause I was going straight to a funeral after that :) so I kinda threw the snacks at Mike and tell him to run them over to the girls cause they just had blow the whistle and I thought they stopped the game because of the rain..he runs over to the field (still pouring) and tells the coach he has the snacks...she looks at him and's only half time! So my poor baby played the last half of her first soccer game in the rain and I made her daddy stand right there on the sidelines to continue to cheer her on.. it only poured for about 15 mins so it wasn't so bad..but the mud was a mess (my van still needs cleaning!) Both girls have started back to dance, Kolbee insist that she won't quit this year and that's she's going to love it! One week down and so far she hasn't giving my any problems about wanting to quit. Kolbee also started her second year of preschool..this year she is going to Susan Norton and is loving every min of it and enjoying all her new friends, the only problem there is..she wants to go everyday! Every since we got back from Vegas Kannon has been giving me potty problems..he is still doing really well, just having way to many accidents! (I guess he still making me pay for the Vegas trip!) so our days are still feeled with the stresses of potty training! Our puppy Bella is still a little mess, if she wasn't so dang cute! Other then that we are doing good and hanging in there! Here's a few pic from Kenzee/Kolbee first days of school and some soccer picture and just a pic of Kannon cause he's to cute :)

Kannon posing before Church

Kenzee right before school time

Kenzee at her desk on the first day! Kolbee before School!

Kolbee at her desk on the first day!

Running after the ball!

Where did the ball go (jk it was break time)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 8th Anniversary!

We had a great time in Vegas, although we didn't win any money (and yes we tried real hard) hard enough that I could have actually bought a really cute coach purse which I would love to have with the money we actually lost..but moving on! It was a fun time just to hang out with each other and have some quality time together! The weather was super hot, but I guess we should be use to that by now right?!! My parents stayed with the kids and they said they were super good while we were gone! (I can hardly believe that!) It's always fun to go off and have a fun time (although this was really the first time Mike and I have left our kids longer then a day in 6 years!) we made a pack that every year we would try to have a little getaway like this at least once a year! But man I sure paid for being gone, yesterday was a tough day.. I don't know if Kannon was mad at us for leaving him, or if he was just really that good for my parents he needed to be bad for a day, I was tired from the trip so I was definitely off my game and he took totally advantage of it... starting with finding my make-up and totally getting mascara EVERYWHERE... guess it could have been worse...(think lipstick!) so after that mishap he definitely needed a bath..afterwards he somehow manages to dump half the bottle of lotion all over the carpet (pretty much in the same spot I had scrubbed the crap out of it cuz of the mascara..) then an hour or so later I had made the kids some popcorn..I'm yelling at Kannon if he wants to come and get some (who is quietly playing in his room) he keeps yelling yes..after a few times of him just yelling yes I am wondering why he isn't coming yet.. which I then go into his room to see why...he had climbed on his dresser and was peeling off the border on his wall...ok enough was needless to say he didn't get any popcorn but instead got a nap! So thinking we would start fresh after his nap, he had other thoughts managed to get into a full bottle of desitin and learned how to unlock the front door thus escaping outside every few mins... so even though we had a great fun time.. I wondered many times yesterday if it was worth it :) gotta love that little boy! Anyways here's some pics of our trip, except for the wedding picture of Mike and I, that of course was 8 years ago..before bills, stress, kids, stress... lol

Ahhh starting our new life together!

Mike being crazy with the m&m...she was hot! lol

Mike and I entering the castle (Excalibur!)

So happy after 8 years..