Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! It is eleven pm on the last night of 2008 and I am heading to bed..yes I know I'm a lameo!!! But my old bones can't take staying up late much anymore (or it could be the crying baby at night and the fact that no matter what time they go to bed at night, the girls are like clock work, up right at 7!) Anyways we had a fun night going to Casey and Chrissy house for some good food and better company! But along with me being tired, it was time to get the kids home and into bed! So I just wanted to wish everyone a great NEW YEAR, and I guess I'll be seeing you next year ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I can't believe Christmas is already over!!

So this year was another successful Christmas at the Windsor house... the kids had a wonderful time along with Mike and I.. We woke up around 6:30, Kolbee was actually the first one awake and went into Kenzee room to wake her up and it was kinda funny cause neither Kenzee nor Kannon were to excited to wake up!! But once they realized it was Christmas they were wide awake of course...We started opening presents (unfortualey I didn't get one picture cause I was busy with my video camera, dang it!) the girls ripped thur theirs like a tornado..It was cute cause this year Kannon was very much aware what presents were, he started to rip his open too and when he couldn't get it with his fingers he would start to use his was the cutest thing!! After all the presents were opened we all took the trash outside and wow what a surprise their was a trampoline for the kids.. they were all excited but after a min Kolbee looked up at Mike and told him he ruined Christmas for her, so he asks why, and she said cause he had told her that it might snow on Christmas and their wasn't any snow out there!! It was so cute how she was so serious!! So the next day when it actually did snow, she was so excited...but because their wasn't all that much snow we took a trip up to the mountains to play! Kolbee must have been tired cause she would go play, even made a few snow angels then would get SO upset that she was cold!.. needless to say we didn't stay long up there!! We are so grateful for this time of year and hope all of you family and friends have a wonderful and safe New Years!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hanging our Christmas lights (finally)

So this is a little bit late, but on Sunday Mike finally figured out how to hang our lights...beings we were pratically the only ones on the street that didn't have lights hanging.. It was funny cause he called his dad over to help and it took them an hour or more to figure out how to rigg them up there..well that evening we turned them on and a few lights at the highest point weren't working..Mike was a little upset, but said he would get back up there tomorrow to see what happened! We had went to his parents house that evening for supper and when we got home, NONE of the lights were working.. it was kinda funny (although I knew Mike would be mad, so I didn't laugh out loud!) On Monday he wasn't able to check it out, so finally on Tuesday he found a blown fuses and was able to replace it, plus he had a friend tell him that you aren't supposed to connect more then 2 sets of lights to the same outlet or you will get blown fuses ( I think he had 4 sets of lights on one outlet) so he fixed it to where there were less lights per outlights and we now have a pretty lit up house! Only 7 more days till Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My little dancing princess

So Saturday night was my sweet baby Kenzee Christmas dance recital! She is just the cutiest little thing, everytime she has something like this, my heart always swells and I always become so emotional.. I really just can't get over how big she is getting! I guess she's not a baby anymore.. It was so cute to see how excited she gets over these recitals, all day she kept asking me if it was time to get ready, and finally it was so of course we fixed her hair all pretty and she was able to put some makeup on! It was pretty funny cause I always buy her some flowers to give her when she's all done, well this year she happen to come across the flowers and was like "oh mom, you got me some flowers!! Thank you", so this year she got her flowers early, even though we still took them with us! She did so good, I love her so much..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Husband tag!

Husband Tag...
1. How long did you date before you got married? 4 1/2 years.. long time huh!

2. How long have you been married? 71/2 years, almost as long as we dated!! LOL

3. What does he do that surprises you? It's really hard to surprise me, but sometimes he will clean up the kitchen, bath the kids and get them ready for bed just so I can relax for a little while!

4. What is his best feature? I love his facial hair,but of course everything about him is perfect to me!

5. What is his best quality? He is a great dad, the list could go on and on..

6. Does he have a nickname for you? Usually Babe.

7. What is his favorite color? I would have to say blue, but I'm really not sure

8. What is his favorite animal? Dog, but for some reason we aren't ready for the responablity of one

9. What is his favorite food? his moms chicken enchalidas.. they are pretty yummy

10. What is his favorite sport? This guy is a sport maniac, drives me crazy, but football is his favorite to watch, baseball is his favorite to play and UFC is his favorite dream sport.. but he pretty much will watch any sports..

11. When and where did you first kiss? New years day 1997 at his friends house

12. Favorite thing to do as a couple? Anything that doesn't involve our kids! Usually Movie and dinner

13. Do you have any children? 3-Kenzee, Kolbee and Kannon

14. Does he have a hidden talent? If he does it's still hidden from me!

15. How old is he? 31

16. Who said 'I love you' first? He did! I thought I heard him wrong..that was a month after we kissed, it took me a few months longer to tell him I loved him back

17. What is his favorite music? He listens to country usually, but likes rock too and just to please me he'll listen to my favorite pop music when i'm around!

18. Do you think he will read this? I'm sure one day. He doesn't look at it very often, but when he does he looks at everything I have posted since last time he looked.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas time in Quail Ridge!

When we were looking into buying a home we kept leaning toward this house mostly because of it's location..It has a great view of the mountains and it's so peaceful up here on the hill. I have also come to the conculsion that it's also a great place to live during this hoilday season! Almost every house is decorated up and some have really put alot of work into it.. It's fun to hear the kids ohh and ahh over all the lights anytime we leave at night! I really suggest that if anybody has time before Christmas to drive out this way to check out all the lights, it will defentiley be worth it.. I took some pictures of the two best houses, (we think anyways!) they came up a little blurry but you should get the point!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I love Disney!!

I love everything about Disney, I don't remember always loving them so I think it is because of my kids that I do or maybe it is really vice versa! But anyways, I kinda have this problem of buying every single Disney movie that comes out.. (come on I know lots of people like me :) My husband even tells me that I have a problem!! :) But I love them, I think every Disney movie has a great story line.. Well last year Disney came out with this program called Disney movie rewards, everytime you buy a movie you put in your movie code and you get free stuff! Well last week I redeemed my points.. and got a Princess TV, Dvd combo all for just buying the movies. I kinda think of it as being free since I am going to buy the movies anyways! The awesome thing is I can now use that TV for a much wanted Christmas gift!! Gotta love Disney!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all my wonderful Friends and Family have a great day! I love this time of year and it's actually raining today so it seems more like Winter.. Yea! I have been sick the last couple of days so I wasn't able to walk the Turkey Trot this morning, dangit! Next year for sure! So since today is the day of Thanks I thought I would list a few things that I am thankful for in my life.. started with my wonderful Husband, I am thankful for how hard he works to take care of me and the kids and what a wonderful dad he is to our children, I'm thankful for my kids and the joy and pain they bring me, I'm thankful for thier health (most of the time) and the way they look when they are happy and excited and the way they tell me with such innocents how much they love me! I am thankful for my wonderful parents and siblings(and of course all the inlaws and neices and nephews), I couldn't imgaine life without them. I am thankful for Mike wonderful parents and his brothers (once again the sister in laws are awesome and the neices are great!). I am thankful to be living back in Thatcher so that we can be closer to both families and our kids can grow up in the same enviroment that we did. I am thankful for my church and the knowledge we have that families can be together forever. I am thankful for the freedom we have living in this country. I'm Thankful for my wonderful friends that are always there when I need them! I'm thankful for not having to ever cook a Thanksgiving meal since we either go to mine or Mikes mom house:) Those ladies are the best cooks! Of course I could go on and on, but these were just a few of them! I do hope everyone has a great day and eats and sleeps alot! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pima Turket trot run!

So lately I have been on a exercise/ eat better and NO soda kick !! In hopes of losing some much needed weight :) I've kinda throw around the idea of running a marathon.. it seems to work for all the stars right?? But of course I would have to get in much better running/walking shape.. So the other day I went to my sis in laws Tye house and she was passing out flyers for the Pima Turket trot run that happens every year on Thanksgiving morning.. it's a 1 mile fun run/walk or a 5 mile run that starts at 7am! (I haven't quit figured out which one I want to do :) What a better way to get started though right? So Tye and I are trying to get a team together, it's a $10 entry fee, .. you can get more information at If your interesting in joining our team let me know, I think it will be super fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy boy

So lately Kannon has been testing his limit on what he can do! Or maybe he is just testing my limits.. I haven't figured it out! It's funny cause he has gotten himself in some pretty sticky places that he can't seem to figure out how to get out of, and everytime he yells out loud, DADDY (that's the name he uses towards me lately, use to be mommy, but not anymore!) I then have to go get him, even funnier is everytime if Kenzee is around she freaks out "Mommy go get him, he is hurt, go get him.. like it's the end of the world :) To cute! Maybe one day he'll figure out that he can't always just get into everything.. or maybe he long as I'm there to help him out.. isn't that what moms are for!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote 2008

Yea I voted!!! I was a little worried about the lines, so when I dropped Kolbee off at preschool me and the babies went to vote ( I thought it would be easier with just 2 kids compared to 4!) But when I got to the polls they weren't to bad and I was done within 10 mins.. I called Mike about that time and told him if there was anyway to take an early lunch and drive down there he should since it wasn't to busy!! Anyways I'm just glad it's over and it wasn't to bad so now the waiting of who will be our new president begins... finger crossed :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So this might sound sad, but I'm a little relieved that Halloween is over this year!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween and everything about it, but for some reason this was a very busy year for me! I think I volunteered myself to much, life seems so much more hectic when you have kids in school, and I only have one! I started the day by baking 2 dozens cupcakes for the festival at the school, went and got a veggie tray for Kenzee classroom party (I almost voluteered some other baked goods, but thought buying some veggies would be easier!) took them down to the school in time to get Kenzee in her costume for the parade at school, after it was over rushed home to decorate the cupcakes when I finished it was pretty much time for me to take them down to the festival, which I voluteered for the cake walk when I got there.. did my time and took the girls threw the haunted hallway (bad ides for both girls!! ) then we left there early to go visit family.. was able to grab a bit at burger king (YUCK!) and made it to my nephews first state playoff game by 7 (I was a little late, but it was a easy win for the kids!! GO RIDERS..) I'm sure other people had busy a day too (thanks Thatcher PTO for the festival!!) This year I was excited though cause Kannon wasn't so little and was able to hold his pail (even though he threw it more then he held it!) I didn't know how it would be since I put his costume on and he threw the biggest fit trying to get it off.. he didn't like it at all, but with a few bites of some candy he forgot he didn't like it! Kenzee wanted to be Tinkerbell and Kolbee was snow white! (they were the cutest princesses out there..) but over all the kids had a good day and it really wasn't so bad for me!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So different..

So today I was watching a little girl who is Kolbee age and one of her friends. I decide to take them to the park to get out of the house for a little bit.. while at the park Kolbee and Avery are under the slide being really quiet, well I venture over to see what was up... Kolbee has both of her hand shut tight, which makes me ask "Kolbee what's in your hands and why are you squeezing them so tight?" "Nothing Mom, I don't have nothing in my hands," was her reply.. after a few mins of coaxing her into telling me what she has in her hands she fianlly opens them and has about 4 little black bugs which she says they were tickle bugs. (I'm not a bug expert, but these bugs really didn't look like tickle bugs..more like baby stink bugs! ) I tell her that she is probley killing them by squeezing her hand so tight... so she throws them all down and runs off to play.. at that point I ponder how different my girls are from each other, Kenzee would NEVER play with a bug or get anywhere near one! When I was pregnant with Kolbee and found out I was having another girl I was so excited! I thought they would be so much alike, even look alike...but man not only do my girls not look anything alike, they sure act different to, here are some example just have different..

Like I said Kenzee would never have anything to do with bugs, she doesn't even like dogs, Kolbee plays with bugs and loves anything about dogs...

Kenzee is the pickiest eater, if she thinks it might be even alittle bit healthy NO WAY..Kolbee eats pretty much anything and loves healthy stuff for that matter!!

Kenzee is very sensitive, if you look at her wrong sometimes she gets upset, and if you try to tell her your sorry for anything you have to kiss and hug her... Kolbee doesn't know what I'm sorry is..

Kenzee takes care of Kannon, Kolbee beats him up!

Kenzee loves her hair fix and will hardly do anything without it fixed.. Kolbee gets mad when its time for her hair to get fixed! (not all the time, I do have to admit, my girls are really trained well when it's time to fix hairs..but I have to always do Kenzee first according to Kolbee)

These are just a few examples I could probley go on and on about their differences.. it just really amazes me how different they are! But when I think it about it, these two little girls with such different personalities (and Kannon is really different then both of them!) is what keeps my life interesting and I wouldn't change them for the world!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


So lately I have come to the conclusion that we have the wierdest sleeping arrangements... it started back when Kenzee was born, Mike was working nights so me being the first time mom living in Phoenix put the cute little baby in bed with us! She's now 5 1/2 and STILL sleeps with me! No matter how hard I try, or what idea I might have to get her to sleep in her own bed she just won't..When we moved into our house she wanted a Princess room which we gave her and she still won't sleep there alone! So Mike started to complain (the bigger she gets, there is less room for him!) I wondered if she would sleep with Kolbee, which that worked out a few nights then here she comes back in our bed.. so now I sleep with her in her room in her bed!! Which then leaves Mike sleeping by himself in our bed.. Then came Kolbee, she slept thur the night the day we brought her home from the hospital and has ever since... until a few weeks ago she started to get up in the early morning and ends up getting in bed with Mike! How funny he just can't get away with sleeping by himself! And let me tell you that boy can snore so why Kolbee wants to sleep with him, beats me! Kannon has been mutual.. when he was a baby he slept with me (Kolbee was still in the crib!) You would have thought I learned my lesson with Kenzee sleeping with me! (at least that's what Mike would tell me!) But when we moved into our house and everyone had thier own rooms, he actually did good transitioning into his crib! He does tend to take naps in some odd places (see pic below!).. Anyways I am hoping in time that Mike and I can get back to sleeping with each other without little feet kicking us in the back!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so we made it back from our AWESOME trip, but really when isn't disneyland fun!! This might be a long blog just so I can tell you all how much fun we had :) Of course when we started out we explained to the girls that we were in for a long drive (they really didn't remember how long it was!) and once again we left Kannon with my family, but he had a wonderful time camping with them! Needless to say we left here about 10:30am and got to our motel around 8 pm.. what a day! But of course we were all excited to be there so we got settled and walked over to downtown disney just to check things out..we didn't want to stay to long though cause we knew we would be up early to go to the park! We had talked about where we wanted to head first and we were all in agreement we would head to splash mountain!! (we had early entry thurs and Sat morning!) but once we actually got in they only had a few rides open and splash mountain wasn't one of them!! Dangit.. so we settle for fantasyland for the first part of the day! We talked about some of the best and worst things about Disneyland and this is what we thought!! Just to kinda shorten my blog you can get a understanding of how much fun we had and maybe not so much fun at times!! Here's the best things about our Disneyland trip

1.. of course the food, mostly the junk!
2.. Splash mountain
3..Everything is great about Disneyland
4..Captain Jack Sparrow!! ( ladies see pic below!)
5..every princess
6..pretty much all the charcters..
7..The breakfast with the characters, and the princess dinner
8..Halloween time\trick or treat party!!
9..The shows
10.Kolbee was able to ride all the rides this year!!

The worst things we thought about Disneyland were:
1..The crowds.. (it was alot more crowded then when we went at Thanksgiving time!
2..Kenzee very weak bladder (we spent alot of time in the bathrooms!)
3. The weather (it was kinda wierd, hot during the day and chilly at night!)
4..our aching feet from walking all day!
5..the fact that I had a belly ache all day Friday and Saturday
6..remember to not ever let the grandparents take the kids without us!! Just kidding, but I say this cause at one time I say a grandma totally forget her granddaughter in the stroller while she and another grandkid were getting in line, I was about to remind her when she suddenly remembered..too funny!!
7..Leaving Kannon, next time he's coming with us!
8..Kolbee staying on her strict bedtime and falling asleep around 10 everynight, therefore missing out on quite a bit, for example she loves Captain Jack Sparrow and she was asleep when we got his picture!! next time babe
9..we love the parades, but the rude people trying to steal our save seats suck!!
10.the drive...although it seems like forever to get there, coming home wasn't to bad!

So overall we loved it, we went with Mikes brother Casey his wife Chrissy and thier daughter Zaylie who is 2 and the girls all had a blast and for the most part was on thier best behavior..for Windsor girls anyways!! Another cool thing about this year was we were able to see alot of chacters we had never seen before, for example: Mulan, Pochantas, Prince John, the hag, Handy Manny, and I'm sure some that I can't think of at the moment.. We also went to Mickeys trick or treat party! Which the girls all loved, they liked the fact that they now get to go again on actual Halloween day! Anyways were back home to our normal routine life and already can't wait to go again!! It was a blast!! I made an album at the bottom of the page so that you can see just some of the pictures I took and how fun it was for everyone!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So I finished up Breaking dawn last night, it took me some time to read the last book, not because it wasn't good, but because I wasn't ready for it to end.. And now that I am done, I'm sad... I know I have tons of stuff to do but at the same time I feel bored cause I know that when I am done with my daily "chores" I have nothing to look forward too :( Anyways I really loved these books and of course would recommend them to anyone!! It's funny cause I now have my mother in law and sister in law reading them... but hey I don't want anyone to miss out!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kenzee the Beautican!!

It's so cute almost every night Kenzee asks if she can play with my hair, of course I say yes cause I think it feels good! We can sit for what seems like hours with her changing the styles over and over! She actually is pretty good at thinking up different styles ( for being only 5!) My mom, my sister and Myself among many cousins all went and finished beauty school, so I guess it's just natural for Kenzee to want to do hair! As long as it isn't like when I was growing up and wanted to do hair, me and my best friend Juile were constantly going into my moms beauty shop (didn't help that it was connected to the house and very easy access!!) but we would cut our hair to the scalp almost, it amazes still to this day that my mom actually has some decent pictures of me with my hair NOT cut all crazy :) So my motto at my house is: All scissors are kept WAY out of reach of little girls hand!! So far it has worked! Here's just one picture of the style that Kenzee did to my hair!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

You get what you get!

So this year Kenzee started Kindergarten and Kolbee started preschool with Gayle Bryce and Kim Crockett! Both the girls are having a wonderful time going to school, Kolbee espically since this is her first year! She loves her class, not to mention there are 3 kids named Dillion out of 7 students (maybe 8??) ... so it's pretty easy for her to remember names :) I love to watch the new things that my girls are learning while away at school, I occasional hear Kolbee state "parts" of the pledge, and Kenzee is attempting the whole reading thing! Yea, what fun!! Well the funniest thing happened this morning, my girls are constantley fighting over which one is thiers almost with everything, well this morning it was over which color of cup of milk they were getting... Kenzee wanted the Yellow, Kolbee wanted the blue... after about 30 seconds of complaining all of a sudden Kolbee shouts "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!" and took the blue one without complant! Wow fight over, that wasn't to bad.. I then ask her if she learned that at school (since I have never heard it) she then says yes.. Thanks Mrs. Bryce and Mrs. Crockett she really is learning something while at school with you!

Countdown to Disneyland!!

Ok, so it is less then two weeks before we are heading to Disneyland, and we are getting so excited!! The girls have pulled out all the pictures from our trip last year and its so cute cause that is all they can think about!! Last year we went on Thanksgiving and it was fun to be there during the Christmas atopmshere.. So this year we wanted to check it out during the Halloween season... So we got tickets to Mickey trick or treat party (should be a blast) last year we had dinner with the princesses but this year we are going to do a Minnie Mouse breakfast!! (Kolbee loves Minnie Mouse!) We also talked Mikes brother Casey his wife Chrissy and thier daughter Zaylie to come with us!! Yea!! Zaylie is 2 and I think her and the girls are going to have a blast together!! But I'm sure in a few weeks, I'll blog all about it!! PS.... I am still reading the Twlight series.. I just started Breaking Dawn, I am sad it's almost over!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok, so I know I am a little behind..and EVERYONE will probley know what I'm talking about when I say I am now addicted to the Twilight book series!! I love to read, but hardly ever find the time to do so.. I have heard about this book, but it wasn't until I was talking to a friend (that has about as much time as I have to read)and she was telling me how good it was and that she read it on the drive to Disneyland, and coming home she stopped at a Target and bought the rest of the series..after that my curisotsy got the best of me.. So I call up my SIL Tye (who is kinda like her own library!!) and borrow the book...OH MY GOSH.. my house didn't get cleaned, my kids I think ate and I hardly left the house.. I finished the first one in 2 days..Twilight was such a great book, and now that I have read it, I see it everywhere and realize how popular it actually is.. (what the heck took me so long!!) So yesterday I made sure my house was clean and the kids were occupied for a while and I started New moon! I have a feeling this is what my life is going to be about until I read the last page (of the series!!) Gotta go I'm wasting good reading time!!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My son is obsessed with the dust buster!!

So I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing..but Kannon loves the dust buster (almost more then I do!!) Any time that he is fussy I just get it out and he vaccums the whole kitchen.. it works for him and I!! Good thing for rechargable batteries!!

No longer a dancing queen!

Ok, first off I have to say I am getting the hang of this new site..somewhat!! So both Kenzee and Kolbee have been in the Prescion Dance class the last year and they both have done great!! As much as I thought they both liked it, I was totally taken back, when a few weeks ago Kolbee said she didn't want to be in dance anymore!!! Of course I couldn't force her to be in it, but oh how it made me so one week I totally tried to brab her..didn't work, so finally yesterday (dance day!) I told her that if she didn't want to be in dance, she was going to have to go and tell her teacher why she didn't want to be in it anymore (the best excuse she could come up with was it made her tried..) and also she needed to tell her friends bye! (the whole time I'm thinking, hoping that if we got back down there, she will remember how fun it was and just want to stay!!) So we drive up to the studio and she sees all her friends, we walk in she tells Ashlee (her dance teacher) she didn't want to be in dance, tells her friends bye and walks off... oh my stubborn little girl.. obviously my plan didn't work and she is no longer going to be the little dancing queen she was last year!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New at Blog spot!

Well for the last year I have been blogging at, but it seems like blogspot is alot more popular so here I am...after many frustrastions I might add!! It's going to take me a while to get use to the change. So anyways if you want to know what's been going on the last year with the Windsor Family feel free to look but going forward, here I am!!