Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenzee!

So my baby girl Kenzee turned 6 today! It really just seems like yesterday that she was born..( I know that sounds so clinche!) but it true. Kenzee was a good girl from the start she was a easy baby and hardly ever fussed, and has grown into such a wonderful little girl that we enjoy so much! It's so exciting to see the new things she is learning this first year in school and hearing about all the new friends she has made. We had a birthday party for her Saturday at the park (and it turned out to be such a nice day for the weather, thank goodness) it was so much fun and she really enjoyed it, then last night we had a party with my family at our house which means more partying for her so it was alot of fun, and then lastly tonight we are taking her out to El Charro with Mike family to celebrate her actual bday! It's been a crazy but fun weekend and Mike and I were just happy to see her happy! I put some of her bday pictures in an album below if anyone wants to check them out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A box of nerds and Scooby-Doo!

So I figured out yesterday that a little box of nerds and Scooby-doo will occupy Kolbee for at least 30 mins! I usually don't let her watch Scooby-doo even though it's one of my favorite cartoons, but every time my girls watch it they have nightmares (I guess it could be scary for small minds :) But I was desperate yesterday and needed a break.. she ate the nerds one by one (there were a lot of nerds in that little box!) The reason I wanted her occupied was yes ladies I'm about to say this, but I had yet watched Twilight!! I had borrowed it from my sis in law a few days back and wanted so much to watch it while the babies were down for their naps! I guess I'm not as big as fan as I thought I was..but the thing was, I think I was afraid that the movie was going to ruin it for me, to be honest I really don't think Robert Patterson is the best Edward.. and after the movie got all done I really don't like how Kristen Stewart (Bella) is with the fans, press, etc; she seems to be a snot in real life! Anyways I watched it and wasn't disappointed at all, Kristen did a good Bella and Robert grew on me (still wished it was someone cuter!) I actually ended up watching it twice yesterday, I had told Mike I watched it and he said he had wanted to watch it to.. so we watched it again last night.. I warned him that it was low budget and there could be a few scenes that he might think were "cheesy" so for him not to give me a hard time about liking it! When it was all done I asked him what he thought and surprisingly he said he liked it.. (he likes vampire movies) so I had him agree that he would start reading the books, cause they have so much more detail then the movie! I'm sure he'll love them, and I am just disappointed it took me this long to see the movie!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The days of the missing deodorant!

So anything that my sweet baby boy can get his hands on usually goes away for a few days or even never returns (for example; I have been looking for a sippy cup for a couple of weeks now, hopefully it has water and not milk in it if I should ever find it!) Did I mention he is obsessed with the trash I usually keep it up out of his reach but if it isn't, he loves to find things to put in it! So Sunday during my hectic time of getting ready for our 9 am church, I go in my bathroom cabinet to put my deodorant's not where it usually is, so of course I ask both the girls plus Mike if they had seen my missing deodorant, I wasn't at all surprised by there replies of "No".. I then look at my dear sweet baby (already knowing he took it) and asked him if he has seen it, he shakes his head "yes" I tell him to show me where it is..on our very random search I give up and use a "back-up" one, after all I didn't want to be late for church! So the next morning when I go for my deodorant and remember it isn't there I once again ask Kannon to go get it for me..he leaves to never this morning I'm in the bathroom fixing Kolbee hair for preschool and Kannon walks in with my deodorant and cheerfully says "here"... of course when I ask him where he got it, he doesn't reply to me! But hey I can't complain I got my deodorant back, with all intent to keep in up higher in the cabinet, but man I sure wish I knew where his hiding place was, I wonder at all the "treasures" I would find :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kenzee big day

So my little Kenzee has learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels..She has been asking for some time now to do it, but as parents Mike and I just wasn't ready! So finally yesterday Mike had some time off from work and decided to work with the training wheels went. Mike and I looked at each other as the training began and Mike said something like "man this is going to take her some time!" boy was he ever WRONG! After just one trip down the road with Mike holding on to her she was off on her own and was doing a very good job! She rode around for about 15-20 mins before she had her first wreck.! After that she was done for the day :) Although she needs practice starting and stopping she is pretty good at actually riding it, we were so proud of her and can't believe how *big she is getting..*-see below

*On a side note: Kenzee 6th Birthday is the 30th of this month, last year we had her party at McDonald which was super fun, we decided to do it there again this year. Well I went to McDonald's to reserve her party and they told me that they didn't do parties anymore..bummer.. so now we are thinking about having a jumping castle at the park, but I have no idea who or where to rent those jumping castle from. So if anyone has any suggestions, or knows of anyone that rents them out, please let me know! Thanks

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

My own real life beautiful Sleeping Beauty!! (I really don't know why her dress is half on and half off, I think she feel asleep trying to get it off!) I can't believe how innocent she looks when she's asleep! :)