Saturday, May 23, 2009

The not so lazy last days of school!

Wow, so these last few weeks have been crazy busy, and has went by so fast! Where do I begin!! Kenzee had her spring dance recital, which is always a treat for everyone that comes and watches..she has improved so much since her last recital in December and tells me she wants to be in dance for the rest of her life! So I guess she is still liking it! Then both the girls started their base ball practice, Kenzee is in coach pitch, while Kolbee started her first year of tee-ball! Once again Kenzee is super excited about every practice and seems to be catching on, Kolbee on the other hand isn't to sure she likes playing!! Her first day she went and was doing good, when all of a sudden her coach put the hitting helmet on and for some reason she freaked out and didn't want nothing more to do with it! So I convinced her to try again, which that practice she totally loved and had a super time (of course the coach who put the helmet on, Dave Lofgreen) wasn't we went back a third time, which Dave was there and she wanted nothing to do with I really don't know what to do with the kid, I think she is afraid of Dave (sorry Dave!!) So we'll see how she does at the 4th practice if we even make it! The kids have been enjoying the hotter weather and staying outside playing on the slip and slide as much as they can! Kenzee had her last day of Kindergarten yesterday! I cannot believe how fast this year how went for us..I am so proud of her and everything that she has learned her first year of school..But until she starts her first grade we are looking forward to a fun and busy summer..started with a trip to California which we are leaving for tomorrow morning, we're heading to Sea World, legoland and splurged a little with a hotel on the beach! So we're pretty excited for that, then when we get home, swim lessons, summer dance and the rest of Coach pitch continues..hopefully next time I blog I won't wait so long, so that it isn't such a long post!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Kolbee

So yesterday (May 9th!) was Kolbee 4th birthday and boy did we party!! We had sooo much fun, it started with a combined party at the park with her cousin Drivor who turns one today, (happy birthday Drivor!!) She had most of all her little friends come to the party (we missed you Avery, hope your feeling better today!) which turned out awesome with the jumping castle..they had lots of fun! After the party we went and ate/partied at Mcdonald..then we headed home when I totally thought everyone would pass out from the fun..wrong we got home and checked out all her loot! Played with a little bit and then got ready to go to her other cousin Kaden baptizism, yes Kolbee is honored to be able to share her birthdays with not just Kaden, but his sister Kamri too! (Happy birthday guys!) The baptizism was awesome and sweet..then we headed back to the park for a bbq in honor of Kaden and Kamri.. super fun! We came home played with more toys and then went to bed.. I'm pretty sure it was a great day for my sweet birthday girl.. on a side note just a little funny story.. when we woke up this morning and I was fixing her hair she looked up at me with all seriousness and said since she was now 4 she was going to start being good! I just laughed and said, so your telling me that your done with the whole terrible 3 thing..she is such a character that I love so much and could never imgaine my life without her! Happy Birthday Kolbee I love you so much!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

She's here!

I'm a little bit behind on my posting..but we got our little puppy Bella on Saturday.. she came a little earlier then we thought, but we have absolutely falling in love with her! The first few days it was an adjustment for the puppy and us..I think she was depressed the first few day trying to get use to life without her mommy..not to mention she came from Florida so she has had to adjust to different time zones along with different weather to! But she is starting to show her personality and is super cute! Kenzee likes her well enough, Kolbee LOVES her and Kannon I think just kinda puts up with her! Beings she is just a puppy she kinda bites/nips at Kannon and he is always telling everyone that she bites.. so cute! Here is a few pics of our new little cutie!