Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 8th Anniversary!

We had a great time in Vegas, although we didn't win any money (and yes we tried real hard) hard enough that I could have actually bought a really cute coach purse which I would love to have with the money we actually lost..but moving on! It was a fun time just to hang out with each other and have some quality time together! The weather was super hot, but I guess we should be use to that by now right?!! My parents stayed with the kids and they said they were super good while we were gone! (I can hardly believe that!) It's always fun to go off and have a fun time (although this was really the first time Mike and I have left our kids longer then a day in 6 years!) we made a pack that every year we would try to have a little getaway like this at least once a year! But man I sure paid for being gone, yesterday was a tough day.. I don't know if Kannon was mad at us for leaving him, or if he was just really that good for my parents he needed to be bad for a day, I was tired from the trip so I was definitely off my game and he took totally advantage of it... starting with finding my make-up and totally getting mascara EVERYWHERE... guess it could have been worse...(think lipstick!) so after that mishap he definitely needed a bath..afterwards he somehow manages to dump half the bottle of lotion all over the carpet (pretty much in the same spot I had scrubbed the crap out of it cuz of the mascara..) then an hour or so later I had made the kids some popcorn..I'm yelling at Kannon if he wants to come and get some (who is quietly playing in his room) he keeps yelling yes..after a few times of him just yelling yes I am wondering why he isn't coming yet.. which I then go into his room to see why...he had climbed on his dresser and was peeling off the border on his wall...ok enough was needless to say he didn't get any popcorn but instead got a nap! So thinking we would start fresh after his nap, he had other thoughts managed to get into a full bottle of desitin and learned how to unlock the front door thus escaping outside every few mins... so even though we had a great fun time.. I wondered many times yesterday if it was worth it :) gotta love that little boy! Anyways here's some pics of our trip, except for the wedding picture of Mike and I, that of course was 8 years ago..before bills, stress, kids, stress... lol

Ahhh starting our new life together!

Mike being crazy with the m&m...she was hot! lol

Mike and I entering the castle (Excalibur!)

So happy after 8 years..


Summers Family said...

Wow! Sounds like so much fun... except for the Mascara, Lotion and border peeling! You don't look a day older than when you got married! Lucky!

Marci said...

Yeah for you 8 years!!! We went to Vegas this year for our 10 year Anniversary (kid-free) too. It is nice to get away and spend time with just me and the husband. We also said that we should make it a yearly the kids, but...