Thursday, June 18, 2009

A long six years...

So for 6 and some years now I have consistently changed my kids diapers...when I had Kolbee I double diapered her and Kenzee for a few months and the same thing with when Kannon was born...well my time is finely closing in on a end to that! I had been putting off and putting off getting serious about potty training with Kannon, but when the kid constantly takes his diaper off and can tell you that he went to the bathroom or my very least favorite, would actually play in the poop when he know it time to get serious! So for the last 2 weeks we have been getting serious and he has made me so proud..he is pretty much going to the potty every time.. of course he has had some accidents along the way..but for the most part he is doing awesome... this morning he actually woke up dry and also this afternoon he woke up from his nap dry.. he refuses to wear a diaper (even though I pretty much still make him for the most part) but even after all the excitement.. it a bitter sweet feeling cause that means my baby boy isn't going to be a baby much longer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bumpit Fun!

So the other day at Walmart I couldn't resist myself and bought the oh so popular "Bumpits" Now for some of you who don't know what Bumpits are, they are clips that you stick in your hair that is literally a bump and it forms body in the crown of your head! Although I really didn't like the feel or the look of them in my head, the girls absolutely love them! I just had to take a picture of my cute little Bumpit girls..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caught in the act!

As if my life wasn't hetic enough.. it just got worse! :) So while we were on vacation the girls slept in the same bed and we just put Kannon in bed with us.. bad idea.. he no longer wants to sleep in his crib and this is what I caught him doing the other night.. yep he has figured out how to climb out! Of course both the girls did this, Kenzee still has sleeping issues, Kolbee adjusted to a big girl bed right away! So last night instead of fighting with him I just put him in Kolbee bed (the girls have been sleeping together in Kenzee bed, good for me cause I don't have to!) Well of course he wouldn't stay put and constantly got out of bed... oh so the fun begins on training him to stay in his bed at night all night long, by himself! Wish me I am going to take his crib apart and make it a toddler bed, I know he'll get out all night but at least I won't have to worry about him getting hurt while trying to climb out at night.. the wierd thing is at nap time he still just lays down in his crib and falls right to sleep! I know that they can't sleep in cribs the rest of thier lives.. dang it, but I really wasn't ready for the fight of getting him to sleep in his own bed, so if anyone has any suggestions on how they made the transition from crib to bed easier on themselves and the kids I am open to any ideas...:)

PS on a side note, our Vacation was a blast I am going to try and put up an album with pictures pretty soon!