Thursday, February 18, 2010


Disneyland here we come...we made our trip reservations Sunday to the magical kingdom...we've been on Thanksgiving (the park was decorated like Christmas!!) we've been on Halloween..(super fun) and this year we'll be there on Easter...we're super excited!!! This will be Kannon first time and I think he's the most excited..we'll see once we get there!!! YAY!


Taryn said...

how fun! I didn't even know you guys were planning on going!

Erika Cluff said...

Paul and I are going to Disneyworld - next month - by ourselves. We are so excited. I think we'll try next year to take the kids to disneyland. Have fun!

Windsor World said...

Yeah Taryn...I didn't really know we were goin until we just did it..but it'll be fun!!

Keeping Up With Jones said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I hope you guys have a great time!!

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poki12 said...

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Luke & Erica said...

Missy, I haven't heard of that Dagger Blood book or whatever it's called, might have to look into that! I am almost finished with Burned and bummed that Awaken isn't out yet. I have found a book about a fallen angel that sounds interesting, but in all honesty the whole Paranormal Novel thing is getting old. Might have to change directions completely.

lofgreenlegacy said...

Ok so apparently I'm only going to get to see you on fb and your blog. hehe seriously though, I'm missin' ya.