Thursday, October 30, 2008

So different..

So today I was watching a little girl who is Kolbee age and one of her friends. I decide to take them to the park to get out of the house for a little bit.. while at the park Kolbee and Avery are under the slide being really quiet, well I venture over to see what was up... Kolbee has both of her hand shut tight, which makes me ask "Kolbee what's in your hands and why are you squeezing them so tight?" "Nothing Mom, I don't have nothing in my hands," was her reply.. after a few mins of coaxing her into telling me what she has in her hands she fianlly opens them and has about 4 little black bugs which she says they were tickle bugs. (I'm not a bug expert, but these bugs really didn't look like tickle bugs..more like baby stink bugs! ) I tell her that she is probley killing them by squeezing her hand so tight... so she throws them all down and runs off to play.. at that point I ponder how different my girls are from each other, Kenzee would NEVER play with a bug or get anywhere near one! When I was pregnant with Kolbee and found out I was having another girl I was so excited! I thought they would be so much alike, even look alike...but man not only do my girls not look anything alike, they sure act different to, here are some example just have different..

Like I said Kenzee would never have anything to do with bugs, she doesn't even like dogs, Kolbee plays with bugs and loves anything about dogs...

Kenzee is the pickiest eater, if she thinks it might be even alittle bit healthy NO WAY..Kolbee eats pretty much anything and loves healthy stuff for that matter!!

Kenzee is very sensitive, if you look at her wrong sometimes she gets upset, and if you try to tell her your sorry for anything you have to kiss and hug her... Kolbee doesn't know what I'm sorry is..

Kenzee takes care of Kannon, Kolbee beats him up!

Kenzee loves her hair fix and will hardly do anything without it fixed.. Kolbee gets mad when its time for her hair to get fixed! (not all the time, I do have to admit, my girls are really trained well when it's time to fix hairs..but I have to always do Kenzee first according to Kolbee)

These are just a few examples I could probley go on and on about their differences.. it just really amazes me how different they are! But when I think it about it, these two little girls with such different personalities (and Kannon is really different then both of them!) is what keeps my life interesting and I wouldn't change them for the world!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


So lately I have come to the conclusion that we have the wierdest sleeping arrangements... it started back when Kenzee was born, Mike was working nights so me being the first time mom living in Phoenix put the cute little baby in bed with us! She's now 5 1/2 and STILL sleeps with me! No matter how hard I try, or what idea I might have to get her to sleep in her own bed she just won't..When we moved into our house she wanted a Princess room which we gave her and she still won't sleep there alone! So Mike started to complain (the bigger she gets, there is less room for him!) I wondered if she would sleep with Kolbee, which that worked out a few nights then here she comes back in our bed.. so now I sleep with her in her room in her bed!! Which then leaves Mike sleeping by himself in our bed.. Then came Kolbee, she slept thur the night the day we brought her home from the hospital and has ever since... until a few weeks ago she started to get up in the early morning and ends up getting in bed with Mike! How funny he just can't get away with sleeping by himself! And let me tell you that boy can snore so why Kolbee wants to sleep with him, beats me! Kannon has been mutual.. when he was a baby he slept with me (Kolbee was still in the crib!) You would have thought I learned my lesson with Kenzee sleeping with me! (at least that's what Mike would tell me!) But when we moved into our house and everyone had thier own rooms, he actually did good transitioning into his crib! He does tend to take naps in some odd places (see pic below!).. Anyways I am hoping in time that Mike and I can get back to sleeping with each other without little feet kicking us in the back!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so we made it back from our AWESOME trip, but really when isn't disneyland fun!! This might be a long blog just so I can tell you all how much fun we had :) Of course when we started out we explained to the girls that we were in for a long drive (they really didn't remember how long it was!) and once again we left Kannon with my family, but he had a wonderful time camping with them! Needless to say we left here about 10:30am and got to our motel around 8 pm.. what a day! But of course we were all excited to be there so we got settled and walked over to downtown disney just to check things out..we didn't want to stay to long though cause we knew we would be up early to go to the park! We had talked about where we wanted to head first and we were all in agreement we would head to splash mountain!! (we had early entry thurs and Sat morning!) but once we actually got in they only had a few rides open and splash mountain wasn't one of them!! Dangit.. so we settle for fantasyland for the first part of the day! We talked about some of the best and worst things about Disneyland and this is what we thought!! Just to kinda shorten my blog you can get a understanding of how much fun we had and maybe not so much fun at times!! Here's the best things about our Disneyland trip

1.. of course the food, mostly the junk!
2.. Splash mountain
3..Everything is great about Disneyland
4..Captain Jack Sparrow!! ( ladies see pic below!)
5..every princess
6..pretty much all the charcters..
7..The breakfast with the characters, and the princess dinner
8..Halloween time\trick or treat party!!
9..The shows
10.Kolbee was able to ride all the rides this year!!

The worst things we thought about Disneyland were:
1..The crowds.. (it was alot more crowded then when we went at Thanksgiving time!
2..Kenzee very weak bladder (we spent alot of time in the bathrooms!)
3. The weather (it was kinda wierd, hot during the day and chilly at night!)
4..our aching feet from walking all day!
5..the fact that I had a belly ache all day Friday and Saturday
6..remember to not ever let the grandparents take the kids without us!! Just kidding, but I say this cause at one time I say a grandma totally forget her granddaughter in the stroller while she and another grandkid were getting in line, I was about to remind her when she suddenly remembered..too funny!!
7..Leaving Kannon, next time he's coming with us!
8..Kolbee staying on her strict bedtime and falling asleep around 10 everynight, therefore missing out on quite a bit, for example she loves Captain Jack Sparrow and she was asleep when we got his picture!! next time babe
9..we love the parades, but the rude people trying to steal our save seats suck!!
10.the drive...although it seems like forever to get there, coming home wasn't to bad!

So overall we loved it, we went with Mikes brother Casey his wife Chrissy and thier daughter Zaylie who is 2 and the girls all had a blast and for the most part was on thier best behavior..for Windsor girls anyways!! Another cool thing about this year was we were able to see alot of chacters we had never seen before, for example: Mulan, Pochantas, Prince John, the hag, Handy Manny, and I'm sure some that I can't think of at the moment.. We also went to Mickeys trick or treat party! Which the girls all loved, they liked the fact that they now get to go again on actual Halloween day! Anyways were back home to our normal routine life and already can't wait to go again!! It was a blast!! I made an album at the bottom of the page so that you can see just some of the pictures I took and how fun it was for everyone!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So I finished up Breaking dawn last night, it took me some time to read the last book, not because it wasn't good, but because I wasn't ready for it to end.. And now that I am done, I'm sad... I know I have tons of stuff to do but at the same time I feel bored cause I know that when I am done with my daily "chores" I have nothing to look forward too :( Anyways I really loved these books and of course would recommend them to anyone!! It's funny cause I now have my mother in law and sister in law reading them... but hey I don't want anyone to miss out!!