Monday, January 26, 2009

The Broken Egg!?!

So last night we decided to make a Sunday night treat which turned out to be brownies.. Well when we decided the girls were outside playing with their friend Andie which of course they told Andie all about the brownies, they then come running in asking if they could share their brownies with Andie, "of course" I say "when they are done we'll take some over" (by then it was getting dark and time for them to come inside!) So I start making the brownies and realize I was short one egg, in the mist of cooking supper, making brownies and trying to please a ticked off Kannon I decided to let Kenzee walk over to Andie house to see if we could borrow the one egg I needed.. Of course Kenzee was so excited to perform this task and in her excitement she asks Kolbee to come along! So they leave, Mike looks at me and says "how much do you want to bet she doesn't come home with the egg", I then say with all faith in Kenzee "I'll bet you a back rub she does come with the egg"! After about 3 Min's of Kenzee being gone I'm thinking she's going to drop the egg! So she finally comes in with the egg and is so excited she didn't drop it! I then look at Mike and say "see, you owe me a back rub!" So I continue to make the brownies when all of a sudden Kolbee says "Mommy Kenzee dropped the egg" I reply "no baby she got it and now I'm making the brownies with it" "No mom, there were TWO eggs and she dropped one" I turned to Kenzee which she says "Kolbee hit me with her bike and I dropped the egg, it was an accident, but I still had one!" By then Mike is back in the room and we just smile at each other and call the bet even! So after making the brownies we walk over to Andie house (and sure enough there was a broken egg on the sidewalk) give them the brownies and I was thanking Lucas (Andie dad) for the TWO eggs, I kinda told him the story which he starts to laugh and says yeah when she came over Erica (Andie mom) decided to give Kenzee two eggs just in case! Well it worked! I love Kenzee excitement at the littlest things I mean after all she did make it home with the egg, and it's great that we have awesome neighbors that know enough to give two eggs!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The long awaited Christmas gift!

Well things have calmed down with all the sicknesses around our house (for now anyways!) I never did get Strep Throat, but did end up with a Sinus infection (I think I would have rather gotten the Strep!) I took Kannon back to the Dr. to check his oxygen levels and they were all back to normal so it just must have been from the sickness! So a couple of post back I wrote about the TV/DVD I got Kenzee for Christmas thru the Disney reward points program.. well what I didn't mention was on Christmas day she was so excited to get it, so we went to hook it up and it wouldn't turn on.. how disappointing for her.. so Mike and I explained that we would contact Santa and ask him to get her a new one! So I contacted Disney and they were very nice and after a few weeks we got her replacement TV! (of course I had to ship the old one back) but we got the new one and hooked it and it works great! Kenzee has been so excited about it! Even though this happened to us, the rewards program is still a hit around here!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Strep Throat anyone??

So Friday evening Kenzee started to run a temp and was coughing like crazy, I though great she's getting sick..Saturday morning Kolbee started to run a temp and she too started to cough like crazy.. Well by Sunday they were both running 102-103 temps as soon as the Mortin would get out of their system..I thought about the ER but it would have been expensive, so I called the Urgent care in town and they were closed on Sunday, so I just decieded that they would have to wait it out for another night and I would take them to see the dr on Monday, by then Kannon to started to cough, but thank goodness didn't have any temp, YET.. So on Monday after a 3 hour doctor visit, Kenzee, Kolbee and Mike were postive for Strep Throat, they didn't test Kannon but since he did by then have a fever and his throat was looking somewhat red they just decieded to treat him for it to! I was the only lucky one (so far) to not have it! All the kids also had high pulse rates (from the coughing) and were all low on Oxegen levels.. great, last time this happened it was just Kannon and he ended up in the hospital for 3 days, needless to say at that time my aniexty level was extremely high! After all of them having breathing treatments the girls levels came up (somewhat) but Kannon actually went down lower. They let me take them all home with antobotics and having to give all of them the breathing treatments every 4-6 hours, Kannon is supposed to go back later this week so they can check his levels again and if they are still low were going to talk about him being referred to a Lung specialist.. (because of the fact that his levels everytime it has been checked are low, so they just want to make sure his lungs are working like they should be). After a crazy morning of giving the treatments, trying to make sure Kenzee keeps her medicine down (She gages on everything and usually more then likely throws it up from the gaging) I am most defentiley ready for a nap!..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kolbee is a Sunbeam!

Today at Church Kolbee had her first class as a "Sunbeam", we had been talking about it all week and she was so excited to be able to go into Primary especially since Kenzee was in Primary.. Today was also the day we started our new time at 9am (so last night we went to bed pretty early!) Well during church she wasn't having a very good time and I wondered if she has gotten enough sleep.. church got over and she was still excited to go and meet her new teacher! Once we got into the room she started to cry saying she didn't want to be a sunbeam (which really isn't like her) so we went and got introduced to her new teachers (she still was crying) I told her that I would sit with her for a while, she started to feel a little better, I showed her where Kenzee was sitting (two chairs behind her) Primary started with a song (she loves to sing) and she started to loosen up a little by then! A few mins later she looks at me and says it's ok for me to leave she's ready to be a Sunbeam! I left and later when I went and got her she said she had the best time at her new class! Thank goodness, hopefully she'll remember that next week!