Thursday, April 30, 2009

(Drum roll) Kannon going to finally be a big brother!

I know what you were all thinking..nope we're not pregnant.. but we are expanding the family! We are getting a puppy! She is due to join our family May 7th! We have named her Bella (I wanted Baya but was out voted!) we've seen pictures of her and as soon as we get her I will post some pics! Everyone is so excited to meet her, even Kenzee who is afraid of dogs..I am hoping once Bella gets here and doesn't go anywhere Kenzee will get over her freight of dogs..(we'll see) So instead of giving them a new sibling, we're going to go the pet route..oh and we adopted some fish from our friends who were getting ready to take them back to walmart! We absolutely love them, there names are goldie and diamond.. Kannon could set all day long and watch them if I let him! I do have a pic of them! Anyways I will be updating soon on our puppy! Wish us all luck adjusting to the new little one (Puppy that is!) that will be at our house soon!! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday Kannon

So today is my baby boy 2nd birthday! I can hardly believe that he is 2 already, it literally seems like yesterday I was in the hospital having him! But now after two years I couldn't imgaine my life without him! He is such a sweet little man.. so different then the girls.. he loves snuggling up to me and at the same time wrestling around with his daddy. He defentiley loves being outside at any chance he gets and loves riding 4 wheelers, we got him a little power wheels 4 wheeler for his big day and he hardly gets off it, it's to cute! We love this little boy so much and we are so happy that he is part of our lives..Happy Birthday baby!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We got grass!

So on Friday my husband, his brother and dad all worked hard to get our grass in.. they did a good job and it didn't take them to long! The bad part of it was they did our whole area, then went to my brother in laws house and did about the same amount of lawn..what a day for them! Then after a night's sleep they went to my father in laws house and did his lawn...but we're all glad that it's done now we just get to wait till the sod all comes together and we have a beautiful green yard! Here are some pictures of the before and after!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

How sad is this...

This is how my son looked yesterday..I pretty much cried most of the day cause he looked so sad and there was nothing I could do for him! Here's the started Wednesday late morning, I saw what looked like an ant bite on his cheek no big deal, he probley scratched it with a toy or something, well later on in the day I was rushing to get Kenzee to dance and I went to change his diaper all around where the diaper rubs, it was totally red and had little welts on it.. I immediately thought heat rash..and then left to dance, by the time I got home around 5, it was all over his back, belly and a little bit on his arms..Mike and I then went into what do we do mode! So a few hours later (yes we stayed in that mode for a couple of hours) we finally took him to urgent care where they ask if he ate anything weird things that might have lead to an allergic reaction, which I didn't think of they said it was probley a viral infection from him being sick a week ago, they said it would lay dormant in his body for a while then come out as a rash..gave me a prescription for steroids and we left.. well by Thursday morning, his feet were so swollen he wouldn't walk his face had started to swell (and I didn't even give him the steroids) and the welts were ALL over, he had started puking and pooping by then and was trying to scratch at them so they obviously itched.. so off to his primary doctor we went! They basically said the same thing (I guess having two opionions made me believe it wasn't something worse) but they talked to me more about it being an allergy..they only thing new or different in our life is the swing set and all the sand that comes along..great what if he is allergic to something in the sand.. his doctor thought it was highly unlikely since he had been playing in it since Saturday, that would be a long time for it to actually show up (I hope they are right) So today he woke up and besides his eyes still being a little swollen he looks perfectly normal! They told me to keep him out of the sand until it is gone, then we'll go from there! But I'm just glad he is feeling better cause there is nothing worse then your kid being in pain and discomfort and there being absolutely nothing you can do for them!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Weekend!

So this was a busy weekend, I guess mostly for Mike! With four Men and TWO full days they got the kids playhouse all put together!! Needless to say from the pictures you can tell they absolutely LOVE it... Next we got the crubbing done, now all we need is to wait for the grass, it has been two yellow for them to cut it, but it is suppose to come in next I'll post some more pictures of the grass when we get it all our backyard is coming along the way we want but not quite done yet!! At least the kids will be entertained until then!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't tell Mike but...

Kannon loves putting on Kolbee church shoes and taps away on the's so cute and at least he's color coordinated right!! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Disneyworld here we come!!

So since my sister hasn't yet posted about this I will! My Nephew Braun got called to the Orlando Florida Mission!! He reports to the MTC July 8th! It was a fun day when he opened his call, we all got together as a family, had a great dinner of my moms home made Bean burros..(Yummy) and waited patiently for him to open his call (he opened it on Sunday the 5th, but it had come in the mail on the Friday before.. talk about a long weekend for Shari!) So finally he opened it and we all cheered when he said Orlando Florida! (Doug also went to Florida!) Some of us were relieved he was staying in the states! Well after all the fun ended we then began our planning! When Brodee went on his mission some of us went on a drive to Utah to drop him off at the MTC (super fun time!) and then Shari, Al, Cal, Braun and my mom went to Washington to pick him up! Well this time we are hoping that most of the family can start saving now and make it a vacation and all go to Florida to pick him up! What's funny is Mike and I had already talked about going that year cause our kids will be good ages.. So this just gives us more incentive to go! Most of all we are super proud of Braun and the great example he is to us and I know that he will be the best little missionary in Florida for 2 years! We love you bud and hopefully we'll be in Orlando when your ready to come home!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Landscaping is hard work!

For Mike that is!! So we have decided that the weather is perfect to start the fun of landscaping (I guess for some people it would be fun!) for us we just wished it was done already!! When we lived in Phoenix we paid someone to landscape our backyard, although it turned out wonderful it was pretty this time we decided that we/Mike with the help of his brothers and dad would do the landscaping themselves! So far Mike has figured out how he wants to do it, finished the sprinkler system and is getting the curbing ready to be done next week before our sod comes in April 10th! The girls will be so excited to finally get the grass so they can actually play on something other then in the dirt!! Here are some pictures of the sprinkler system before they were finished!!